Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference

/Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference

Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference

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Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference

Today’s world of travel booking can be a confusing place where disruption, commoditisation, and corporate failures are becoming common features.

In this setting, travel industry professionals are finding their roles morphing from travel agent to that of a trusted travel advisor. Evidence of this shift is a recent open letter from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) to its members encouraging them to rebrand themselves as “travel advisors”.

Moving from the transactional role of agent to a trusted advisor introduces many elements of change, and while customer experience remains as critical as ever, the enabler to improving your customer service levels is the time and ability to access and interpret useful information.

At Tramada, a core part of our value proposition is providing industry professionals with the streamlined workflows and valuable data needed to transition from agent to advisor. Rich customer profiles empower our users with client preferences, trends, travel history, insights and more to ensure their customers enjoy a safe, memorable travel experience and true value for money.

Plus, the many automation features of tramada® such as OBT integration and offline automation reduce the manual effort required of advisors, freeing them to focus on delivering the high-quality advisory services their customers seek – and, increasingly, demand.

  • This article originally appeared in the 25 February 2019 edition of Australia’s “Travel Daily”
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