Automation is the key

/Automation is the key

Automation is the key

Automation is the key that unlocks productivity and ultimately improved profit in travel businesses. If you are paying highly credentialed travel professionals to undertake mundane processing it is definitely time to transform your business.

There has been three major version releases of tramada® this year and in each one of these there has been many features supporting automation. tramada® automates booking creation including the application of service fees, automation of fare savings, issuing invoices, receipts and the dissemination of itineraries. Each of these functional areas leverage a set of highly configurable business rules to apply automation that genuinely support the needs of agencies, individual corporate clients and travellers.

One particularly exciting feature is our ‘hotel chargeback’ functionality due for release next month. tramada® will allow agencies to streamline these processes for bookings that will be charged back to the agency for on-charge to a corporate client. Once the booking is completed in the GDS, tramada® will automate the authorisation to the hotel and provide tracking and exception reporting to ensure that the invoice is received and charged back to the client. Our unique functionality streamlines this specific task and dovetails and extends our existing suite of automation capability.

How is your travel ecosystem empowering your business?

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