Compete with Tramada and Compleat

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Compete with Tramada and Compleat Tramada Systems was founded as an independent platform to enable all travel agents to compete with the technical capabilities of global agencies. With global agencies recently announcing price tracking technology - allowing for a "price-drop guarantee" - it’s timely to remind readers that fare search functionality is not new, at least not [...]

A change is coming, and it’s called the NDC

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A change is coming, and it’s called the NDC Among the benefits of partnering with Tramada Systems for your travel data management and documentation production is that we look after the technology - so that you don’t have to. Few industries are subject to dramatic change like the travel industry. Staying up-to-the-minute with new, emerging and [...]

Thriving on disruption in travel

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Thriving on disruption in travel At a recent presentation by Google on the topic of disruptive innovation, we expected to hear how Google revolutionised the internet search market and then displaced established offerings such as street directories with Google Maps, cable service-based email with cloud-based (and free) Gmail, and online advertising with AdWords. Instead, [...]

tramada® powers rapid expansion of The CT Connections Travel Group

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LEADING TRAVEL MANAGEMENT FIRM IMPLEMENTS A WIDE RANGE OF ADDITIONAL tramada® PREMIER MODULES AND BEST-OF-BREED INTEGRATIONS 9 May 2018:  The CT Connections Travel Group, one of the region’s fastest-growing travel management companies, has now implemented the tramada travel technology platform with a comprehensive suite of modules. The implementation is key to the organisation’s focus on the [...]

Artificial Intelligence: adding value to travel

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What does artificial intelligence have in store for agents and travellers? With the hype in travel being on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and concerns around how bots may take over the world, there has been a lot of discussion in the travel industry around their impact on agents and travellers. Having had more [...]

The Strategic Power of Insight from Addison Lee Group

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HOW IS DATA CHANGING THE GLOBAL TRAVEL INDUSTRY? Addison Lee Group released a whitepaper on 27 March, 2018 on digital transformation of travel data. The whitepaper includes commentary from Tramada Head of North America, Mary Ellen George. For more information on how data is changing the global travel industry, to check out their whitepaper on [...]

Choosing a Technology Partner – 25 Point Checklist

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HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'VE MADE THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY DECISION? Whether you’re new to tramada® travel technology or, like most of our clients, you’ve been on our platform for several years - or perhaps you’re still in the process of selecting the solution you need - one thing is certain: in today’s complicated travel industry [...]