Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference

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Agent or Advisor? Time and insights make the difference Today’s world of travel booking can be a confusing place where disruption, commoditisation, and corporate failures are becoming common features. In this setting, travel industry professionals are finding their roles morphing from travel agent to that of a trusted travel advisor. Evidence of this shift is [...]

Choosing a Technology Partner – 25 Point Checklist

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HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'VE MADE THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY DECISION? Whether you’re new to tramada® travel technology or, like most of our clients, you’ve been on our platform for several years - or perhaps you’re still in the process of selecting the solution you need - one thing is certain: in today’s complicated travel industry [...]


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Travel management software provider Magnatech is formally announcing its partnership with Australian based travel financial management solutions provider Tramada Systems. Montreal, Canada. June 14, 2017 - Canadian-based travel management software provider, Magnatech and Tramada Systems, travel financial management solutions provider based in Sydney, Australia announce their new partnership. The partnership enables Tramada Systems to immediately [...]

Making change work for you

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Introducing operational change, particularly new technology, requires a proactive approach to allay emotional resistance whilst making the most of the opportunity to optimise end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks.  Business process reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows that does exactly this and plays an important role in the implementation of new technology. [...]

Tramada Wins Global Cloud Awards

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Best SaaS (outside US) Category SYDNEY – 28 January 2016 – Tramada Systems, Australia’s leading travel management solution provider, has been named the winner of the Best Software as a Service (outside US) category in the Cloud Awards program. Tramada joins globally successful past winners, including the calibre of Xero (Accounting), Red Hat (Open Source), Saba [...]