Top 3 Reasons to Implement 2FA Now

2019-12-04T05:06:42+00:00December 4th, 2019|Mobile Workforce, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, Security, Technology|

According to a recent study by cybersecurity firm Symantec, 80% of data breaches could be eliminated using two-factor authentication (2FA). The reality is that because most people have a tendency to reuse passwords over multiple sites, change them infrequently, and not use complex passwords, it makes the cyber criminal’s task easier. However, if you add 2FA [...]

To 2FA or not to 2FA

2019-09-24T10:27:43+00:00September 24th, 2019|Automation, Information Management, Privacy, Security|

To 2FA or not to 2FA Hackers are hungry for your passwords. That's the message from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) when reporting that one in three data breaches last quarter were caused by compromised credentials, i.e. log-in information and passwords used to gain unauthorised access. It's a timely reminder that protecting passwords involves [...]

10 ways tramada clients have the edge on competitors

2019-05-28T08:26:44+00:00May 28th, 2019|Automation, Business Intelligence, Customer service, Duty of care, Information Management, NDC, Reporting, Security, Sustainability, Technology|

10 ways tramada clients have the edge over competitors They keep their customers in focus At its heart, the tramada® software solution is designed to save consultants time by removing manual effort from workflows and automating the offline booking process with Offline Automation. Rich customer profiles empower our leisure advisors with client preferences, trends, travel [...]

Safer than houses

2019-04-02T14:29:08+00:00April 2nd, 2019|In the News, Information Management, Security, Technology|

Safer than houses We recently spoke with a non-Tramada agent who had lost all of their travel data with the theft of their office computers. Tramada was recommended to them as a safeguard from ever losing data again. That’s because in 2001 tramada® became the first cloud-based mid/back-office for travel agents in Australia and New [...]

Tramada adds Pay Now functionality to its Mint Payment Gateway

2019-02-26T08:55:11+00:00February 26th, 2019|Customer service, eCommerce, In the News, Information Management, Partnership, Press Release, Security, Technology|

Tramada adds Pay Now functionality to its Mint Payment Gateway Sydney, Australia – 26 February 2019 – Tramada Systems has introduced an enhancement to its Payment Gateway module with Mint Payments that dramatically increases customer service and security of payment transactions. Agencies using the tramada® Mint Payment Gateway can now add the new Tramada Pay [...]

Duty of Care: turning responsibility into competitive advantage

2019-01-29T09:58:06+00:00January 29th, 2019|Duty of care, Information Management, Reporting, Security, Technology|

Duty of Care: turning responsibility into competitive advantage tramada®'s seamless integrations with best-of-breed tracking, communication and assistance solutions not only protect travellers – they empower travel agencies. Every day, dozens of incidents occur that can potentially place your clients at risk. From the vagaries of climate change and natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms, to [...]

So, you want to sell your business. Lucky you’re on tramada

2018-12-17T20:58:25+00:00October 23rd, 2018|Business Intelligence, Reporting, Security, Technology|

So, you want to sell your business. Lucky you're on tramada Every forward-thinking business owner has many plans, and one of the most important is when - and how - they will exit their business. The when is often the easier question to answer and will be based on your individual circumstances. Perhaps it’s because [...]

The Strategic Power of Insight from Addison Lee Group

2018-04-13T02:10:08+00:00April 13th, 2018|Automation, In the News, Security, Technology|

HOW IS DATA CHANGING THE GLOBAL TRAVEL INDUSTRY? Addison Lee Group released a whitepaper on 27 March, 2018 on digital transformation of travel data. The whitepaper includes commentary from Tramada Head of North America, Mary Ellen George. For more information on how data is changing the global travel industry, to check out their whitepaper on [...]

Choosing a Technology Partner – 25 Point Checklist

2018-12-17T20:58:26+00:00March 19th, 2018|Automation, Business Intelligence, SaaS, Security, Technology|

HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU'VE MADE THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY DECISION? Whether you’re new to tramada® travel technology or, like most of our clients, you’ve been on our platform for several years - or perhaps you’re still in the process of selecting the solution you need - one thing is certain: in today’s complicated travel industry [...]

Secure start to 2018

2018-12-17T20:58:27+00:00February 27th, 2018|In the News, Security, Technology|

2018 renews focus on security and privacy with APP and PCI DSS requirements. So here are some best practices to protect your business and customer data. Security 101 Never share your password. In fact, put this in your employee contracts! Where you can, force complex passwords and periodic password changes. Procedures around logins are also critical: regularly review [...]