Why Now? Tramada improves security

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REDUCE SECURITY RISKS AND GAIN CLIENT TRUST Now more than ever cyber crime is on the rise and with many agencies having had to reduce staff, the need to secure your systems' access is more critical than ever.  Naturally, your clients value and demand that their travel data is safe, secure and private. How are [...]

Michael Jacques Appointment to Country Manager, USA

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MEDIA RELEASE: Business Travel Technology Executive Michael Jacques steps up to lead Tramada in the USA SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA –August 11, 2020 – Tramada Systems today announced the appointment of business travel technology veteran and former agency owner Michael Jacques as Country Manager, USA. Previously Tramada’s Senior Director of Business Development, in his new role, Jacques [...]

Compete with Tramada and Compleat

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Compete with Tramada and Compleat Tramada Systems was founded as an independent platform to enable all travel agents to compete with the technical capabilities of global agencies. With global agencies recently announcing price tracking technology - allowing for a "price-drop guarantee" - it’s timely to remind readers that fare search functionality is not new, at least not [...]

Differentiate in leisure

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Standing out amongst the crowd is getting harder for leisure agencies, especially with growing number of OBTs. However, technology can also help leisure agencies differentiate with improved customer experience and consistent branding. Branded documentation Creating a corporate brand that reflects an agency’s value proposition is realised through the company’s website and other communications with the [...]

Profit from Offline Automation

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Travel agents must offer unique services to their clients to provide a better experience for less cost than their competitors. The key to this is automation of the booking process to improve productivity of consultants by reducing time spent to manage each booking and increasing data accuracy. The online booking process is, by its nature, [...]