Client profiles plus booking data for powerful CRM

/Client profiles plus booking data for powerful CRM

Client profiles plus booking data for powerful CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the practices and supporting systems that are used to analyse customer activity with the view of improving customer retention and sales.

In the travel industry this entails knowing your customer, that is a deep and detailed customer profile, and integrating that information with booking transactional data to support better decision making and marketing activity.  Customer profiles hold every piece of information you need to know about a client including marketing and privacy preferences, multiple customizable interests, VIP status and much more.

tramada® has CRM built into the very core of the product.  tramada® also manages and tracks the booking lifecycle from New, Quote, Booked through to Finalised or Cancelled.

Marketing Campaign Support

Agencies can create marketing lists using sophisticated filters from information in the client profile, booking data, supplier profiles, and combinations thereof.  Integration with MailChimp automates this further by synchronizing extracted lists with the MailChimp mailing list so there is no administration requirement on behalf of the consultant.

CRM Reporting

Tramada provides a suite of 54 reports and dashboards that cover financial, administration as well as CRM reporting.  Specifically the Booking Conversion Dashboard which is a powerful tool to analyse which customers may need more attention, or which consultants may need help converting from a Quote to Booked for example.  Customer Review Dashboard is a series of reports that empowers a corporate account manager to conduct basic quarterly review without having to do any preparation including costings and supplier analysis, bookings by OBT, and reveal accommodation leakage.  There are many more reports like the Passenger Location Report which addresses duty of care issues.  Also the Cruise report which provides analysis of client behavior by booking agent or supplier right down to the boat level.

These reports access the data in real time with drill through to actual transactional meaning information is accurate at any time. These reports can be further customised or new reports can be created with integrated BI.

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