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Our Customers

Tramada’s clients are the best and the brightest, covering all sectors of the Australian and New Zealand travel industry including TMCs (Travel Management Companies large and small), Business Travel Agents, Leisure Agents and home-based broker consortia.

tramada is the engine room powering the most successful travel businesses in Australia and New Zealand. tramada is used by 80% of Australian Travel Management Companies (TMCs). An estimated 8,000 travel consultants use tramada.

Our clients’ clients include over 400 government departments, agencies and universities, over 80 large multinationals and over 100 ASX listed companies, of which 35 are in the top 150 companies by market capitalisation, of which, in turn, 4 are in the top 10.

Corporate Travel Management

“Using the modern, flexible and scalable technology provided by Tramada has created an IT environment that ensures we are able to partner with Best of Breed providers for all aspects of our business. The Tramada technology allows us to deliver personalised technology and tailor solutions to meet our client’s needs.”

Jamie Pherous – Managing Director, Corporate Travel Management

Goldman Travel Corporation

“We use Tramada to run our business [since 2003]– the biggest asset to us has always been its model of continuous improvement via the TERM process (Tramada Enhancement Request Meetings) plus the many integrated products. We utilise a lot of the Tramada additional modules such as Enhanced Data Credit Card feeds, CRM integration with SAGE, Virtuoso feed, and the most recent example of this is the Tramada Connect BI which is allowing us to stamp our own IP onto a robust business intelligence platform so that we can deliver outstanding reports to our clients.”

David Goldman – Joint Managing Director, Goldman Group

Goldman Travel Corporation


“Our partnership with Tramada spans more than 12 years, during which time we’ve worked on many initiatives together. It’s always been paramount to us that our technology platform helps us to grow and innovate whilst we focus on outstanding service to our customers. Tramada’s expertise in travel automation is providing us with increased productivity, consultants’ job satisfaction and ultimately…the best customer experience.”

Kim Wethmar – CEO, TravelEdge

The CT Connections Travel Group

“The tramada® solution meets our unique needs perfectly. It provides us with extremely sophisticated functionality that improves operational efficiencies and quality control across our entire business, and provides secure and protected data management for all our clients. Tramada Systems is the right partner for us, particularly with the additional tramada modules and best-of-breed integrations with leading providers such as Serko, Concur, American Express and all major credit card providers. The solution, and the support we receive from the Tramada team, absolutely enables us to deliver personalised solutions to our clients while also streamlining processes, increasing data accuracy, and, importantly, improving consultant productivity.”

Gary Reichenberg – Founder and Director, The CT Connections Travel Group

CT Connections Travel Group
TAG Stuart Mackay


“It would be an understatement to say the results TAG has achieved with Tramada are impressive. The level of automation used during our booking process has increased significantly with Tramada, which has improved overall client experience in multiple ways as well as enabling our company to increase cost savings and revenues, and improve our ability to be more agile in an ever-changing environment.”  

Stuart Mackay – CTO, TAG