Doing the right thing is good business

/Doing the right thing is good business

Doing the right thing is good business

Doing the right thing is good business

In 2017, aviation alone released 859 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere globally, and if the industry was a country its emissions would rank 7th in the world, next to Germany, according to Australia’s Choice magazine.

And the problem is growing.

The Australasian Emission Reduction Summit to be held in Melbourne next month will feature discussion about rising CO2 emissions, their causes, their environmental impacts – and industry’s pressing need to measure, manage and offset emissions.

Flight offsetting – trading airlines’ carbon emissions with green industries and projects, such as Tasmania’s Five Rivers project in which Virgin purchases carbon credits – is a gateway to organisations and individuals measuring all their emissions (e.g. electricity, IT, waste, etc.).

Reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint brings with it the seal of consumer approval. Last year there was a 30% increase in the number of organisations earning carbon neutral certification according to Australia’s Department of Environment – and more will join that group spurred by rising community awareness and, importantly, the value customers place on zero-footprint businesses.

Tramada’s been a supporter of zero emissions for some time. Our integration with South Pole, a leading provider of sustainability solutions, provides metrics to calculate the amount of flight emissions, enabling travellers to offset them by purchasing carbon credits.

More and more, travellers do business with companies that do good. Tramada is helping make that happen, paying dividends for us all. For more information please contact

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