Gone phishing. When passwords aren’t enough.

/Gone phishing. When passwords aren’t enough.

Gone phishing. When passwords aren’t enough.

One way criminals get hold of information they shouldn’t is to target someone who has access to the data… you. Most systems like tramada® have a secure login with a password but is that enough? It’s surprisingly easy to steal your password!

One way to verify it’s really you logging in is with two factor authentication (2FA). 2FA uses a code or key that only you could possess, for example on your mobile, to be entered as part of the login process as well as the password – the 2nd factor.

When 2FA is first enabled in tramada®, a QR (Quick Response) code is displayed and scanned using a mobile app called Google Authenticator. The app generates a one time, six digit code, required to complete the login process. You can remember verification for a browser for 30 days, or choose to be prompted on each login. Verification is required to log in from a different device or a different browser on the same device.

2FA helps you meet your obligations in protecting your data, and your clients’ data. A core offering that should not be compromised. Enabling 2FA is free – shouldn’t you activate this security feature for all your employees who have access to your vital data?

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