Travel management software provider Magnatech is formally announcing its partnership with Australian based travel financial management solutions provider Tramada Systems.

Montreal, Canada. June 14, 2017 – Canadian-based travel management software provider, Magnatech and Tramada Systems, travel financial management solutions provider based in Sydney, Australia announce their new partnership. The partnership enables Tramada Systems to immediately gain access to Magnatech’s unused ticket management system.

Statistically, 5% of all corporate traveler airline tickets go unused, but can be exchanged for future value tickets if used prior to the expiry date of the ticket. By incorporating this feature into their own lineup of corporate travel offerings, Tramada can enable users the opportunity to accurately report on unused ticket data thereby saving their client’s clients from leaving money on the table.

“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Tramada. It will enable us to grow our exposure in Australia and New Zealand. Over eighty percent of all Australian and New Zealand Travel Management Companies trust and use Tramada each day. We are excited to work with a trusted brand and to have the opportunity for people to see what value and solutions we bring to travel management.” Paul Gioia, President & CEO, Magnatech.

The key benefit for Tramada’s clients is that this integration will automate identifying unused tickets and streamline the process of utilizing the value of those tickets during the booking process.  It reduces costs for travel businesses and for the corporations they serve.

Jo O’Brien, CEO Tramada Systems says, “We are very excited about our integration with Magnatech ONTRACKplus.  We are always looking for technologies that reduce manual effort and improve revenue for travel businesses.  By forming a long-term partnership with this respected Canadian provider we have achieved both those goals. “

Both companies are leaders in travel management solutions for their respective regions. The partnership will enable both firms to extend their brand and increase functionality and satisfaction for their clients and end-users.

About Magnatech

Magnatech Travel Management Solutions Inc. develops software facilitating the day-to-day tasks of travel management agencies. For over 25 years, Magnatech has developed mid-office automation tools and itinerary software helping travel agencies manage, track, locate, validate and deliver information. Our leadership team has spent the last decade perfecting web-based solutions to enhance the travel experience for the business traveler.

About Tramada Systems

Tramada Systems is an industry leader in automation of travel financial management processes realizing better business performance for travel agencies of any size. Our solutions are proven to massively increase consultant productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

We manage all financial transactions, client data and document production for an agency. We put that knowledge to work with targeted reporting, CRM and a fully integrated Business Intelligence system that puts control back in the hands of decision makers.

Tramada® is the engine room powering the most successful travel businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

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