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Self Service Group Registration

Self-service is what travellers want so why not let them help you do the work.  New functionality from Tramada allows travellers to register themselves for group tours or events using a secure online form.

Convenient and quick.

Online registration lets travellers sign up online, when and where it is most convenient for them.  It takes just a few minutes without having to download, print, manually fill out and send paper forms or spend time on the phone.

The system automatically creates the unique client profile in the tramada® booking system, sends a confirmation to the client that they are registered and notifies the designated consultant to complete the booking.

The process is quicker and simpler for the traveller and travel consultant.

By creating a unique web page (URL) for each group or event tramada® Online Registration lets you build marketing content on your website simply and quickly.

You can then market your product online and capture registrations at time of contact with the potential traveller.  As consultants don’t need to get involved in the registration process its saves time, reduces data entry effort and errors freeing the consultant to do more productive work.

Because the form is part of the secure tramada® environment, it complies with strict PCI DSS guidelines to protect credit card information including encryption. Additional access control can optionally be required where the traveler is asked to enter a verification code which may have been provided on a specific invitation or a consultant. Data entry controls such as drop down lists, date verification, credit card validation and mandatory fields are employed to minimize data entry errors.

Improve customer experience.

FBI Travel recently launched online registration for its specialist Gap Year Travel and Educational group tours. Travelers are able to register themselves for specialised tours using a secure online form with new technology available from Tramada Systems.

Mark Chaskiel, CEO FBI Travel says,“tramada® Online Registration has allowed us to more effectively manage multiple group offerings. By creating a unique URL for each group registration page we are able to build marketing content for each new group tour simply and quickly as part of our website fitting perfectly within our agency branding. We are able to market our offering online and capture registrations at time of contact with the potential traveler. Being able to fill in forms online vs paper and receiving immediate confirmation improves our customer’s experience bringing further value to our brand.”

Mark adds, “Behind the scenes, each group is quick and easy to set up with a simple form to define start and end dates, assign a consultant, and select fields. This means we can be responsive when we have new products to offer. As consultants don’t need to get involved in the registration process its saves us time and effort making it easier to manage multiple tours at one time.”

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