American Express eInvoice Integration

//American Express eInvoice Integration
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American Express eInvoice Integration

Only on tramada®

American Express BTAConnect is a unique online network which allows your corporate clients to communicate securely with your agency and American Express Customer Services.

  • Agency completes BTA transaction

  • tramada® auto supplies Client/Debtor invoices to BTAConnect

  • Debtor accesses BTA statement along with applicable invoices. Complete reconciliation.

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Seamless Management of Reconciliations

At Tramada Systems we recognise the importance of interoperability. With many Travel Management Companies and their customers utilising American Express Business Travel Accounts, tramada® closes the gap of having disparate systems and delivers a seamless experience for your customers.

The tramada® American Express eInvoice module delivers invoices created in tramada® direct to the BTAConnect portal and links them to the corresponding charge on your customers’ BTA statements to improve reconciliation and payment processes.

Simple Workflows

  • Instant access to tramada® invoices improves transaction transparency and accountability

  • Coupled with enhanced data, the integration enables quicker reconciling and processing of payments

  • Empowers your agency to improve the overall customer experience and business offering

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing agency workflows

BTAConnect quickly and seamlessly matches your clients’ existing processes. It provides them with a robust, flexible solution that makes reconciling and settling travel costs easier than ever before, thus saving them time and money. What’s more, unlike paper-based or email based systems, BTAConnect offers access to one centralised billing, query and payment process. Most BTA clients are already using BTAConnect to manage their statements interactively online. Adding the eInvoice functionality means your clients can have your invoices at hand as they validate and acquit charges, resulting in significant process improvement.

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