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Offline Automation

Only on tramada®

At Tramada we understand your consultants’ time is valuable. Our automation is designed to simplify their workflows and let them move quickly from one booking to the next.

  • Click on booking upload in tramada®

  • Select offline automation remarks from PNR

  • Upload booking in GDS. No need for manual entries. Remarks will do all the work

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No more manual entries

Most of the data required by tramada® Offline Automation to automatically process a PNR is provided in the general remarks line of the GDS PNR. Structured remarks are entered into a PNR. Upon the PNR being downloaded and added into tramada®, remarks are ‘consumed’ meaning that they are read by the system to enable fields and functions to be automated.

With tramada® Offline Automation you are able to specify the hotel payment type and payment narrative.

Consultants can specify the hotel chargeback details associated with the hotel costing, and automatically generate a confirmation email to the hotel. What a time saver!

Data integrity with process efficiency

  • Minimise consultant touch points increasing accuracy and productivity.

  • Simple workflows mean your consultants have more time to invest in your business

  • Automation is precise and repeatable- It ensures the processes are consistent across clients and consultants.

  • Reduce costs – the true beauty of automating work processes is the ability to eliminate human errors from the system. Mistakes can come with financial consequences.

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Automate the entire booking process with over 40 remarks covering:

  • Booking creation

  • Auto receipting

  • Auto invoicing

  • Low cost carrier data

  • Fare / corporate savings

  • Client documentation

  • Service fees

  • Ticket costings

  • Hotel payment type, narrative and chargeback

  • and more…