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Only on tramada®

tramada® Onyx Integration allows seamless flow of hotel booking data from tramada® to Onyx for commission recovery and downloading Status Data files from Onyx facilitating the automatic reconciliation of this data within tramada®.  These processes are automatic requiring no manual intervention by consultants.

Onyx CentreSource processes commission for 16 million hotel room nights by travel agents in more than 90 countries every year.

Onyx CentreSourse chases hotel commission on behalf of travel agencies and pays collected commission to the agency in a single monthly settlement payment.

  • tramada® automatically collates hotel segment data and transmits to Onyx
  • Onyx CenterSource verifies and completes commission recovery on behalf of agencies
  • tramada® automatically reconciles recovered commission against reported commissionable amounts

Simplifying agency workflows

Tramada has again enhanced its value proposition with an innovative partnership with Onyx, the world’s leading hotel commission recovery service. The resulting product is designed to help Australian and New Zealand travel agencies boost their hotel commission earnings while reducing the cost to do so.

Analysis has shown that around 40 per cent of commission owed by hotels is never handed over to the agencies that have earned it. Most agencies fail to chase commission because it is time-consuming and sometimes the expense of banking commission cheques cannot be justified. Onyx CentreSource solves the problem by handling and chasing commission for agents on an outsourced basis.

tramada® then has the unique advantage of helping agencies reconcile these commissions. The returned commissions are automatically processed including reconciliation to each individual hotel booking, auto receipting into the booking so the agency can recognise the revenue and makes it available for inclusion in the bank statement which feeds into the back office accounting system.  This information is then available for reporting and analysis.

Smarter processes

  • Agencies can leverage the comprehensive data within tramada® to automate the processing and reconciliation of hotel commissions.
  • tramada® Onyx Integration collates and delivers the data to Onyx for commission recovery without agency interaction saving valuable time and improving accuracy.
  • tramada® Onyx Integration enables agencies to reconcile all hotel bookings against the commissions received vs expected.
  • GDS and non GDS hotel segments presented to Onyx for recovery means more room nights processed resulting in more commissions received.
  • Reconciliation information by each hotel booking used for meaningful reporting leading to better supplier management, e.g. hotels that return the most commissions or hotels that don’t pay

As an extension to the core Onyx CentreSource process, agencies can leverage tramada®’s reconciliation interface to easily identify commissionable room nights and have them reconciled against the collected commissions. The interface coupled with the Onyx service delivers an end-to-end solution for agency hotel commission workflows.

This offering is exclusive to Tramada Systems and Onyx and will not only deliver new efficiencies to the agency but increase revenue with minimal incremental effort.

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