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tramada® connect eMarketing

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Allowing you to leverage existing client profiles to create and manage email campaigns that fit your business and suit your customers.

  • Select which existing client profiles you wish to upload to MailChimp

  • Create and customize email templates and deliver your marketing campaign

  • Track progress and success of your campaign to increase revenue and productivity

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Smarter email campaigns

Designed to empower your agency with better tools to manage your email marketing campaigns, tramada® Connect eMarketing delivers an integration with market leading email marketing tool – MailChimp. The resulting product has been designed to help Australian and New Zealand travel agencies boost their revenue and increase productivity.

The integration delivers automation by leveraging your existing client profiles and auto-creating marketing lists in MailChimp. A simple user interface within tramada® enables you to easily identify and create a list of recipients which is then uploaded directly to MailChimp. Within MailChimp users can access fantastic tools to develop email templates, deliver marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness.

Simple processes

  • Leverage the comprehensive data within your tramada® client profiles to create successful email campaigns.

  • Access MailChimp from any device and edit campaigns even when you are not online.

  • Use the marketing mailout options available in tramada® to select which customers will receive marketing materials.

MailChimp has been selected by Tramada as the standalone eMarketing tool for tramada® Connect eMarketing. MailChimp delivers simplicity in its functionality and commercial model and provides simple tools for list management and campaign tracking. The price point for MailChimp is also a major benefit for the offering. More information on the pricing structure can be found at

The integration between Tramada Systems and MailChimp will not only deliver new efficiencies to your agency but will also improve your customer relationships with minimal incremental effort.

For more information or to activate the tramada® Connect eMarketing module please contact