tramada® GDS Automation

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With tramada® GDS Automation once an agent has booked a trip and placed the PNR on a GDS queue, Concur Compleat will fulfil ticketing, risk management requirements, passport checks, rental car ID checks, queue destination configuration, commission values for airlines and private fare codes functions (to name a few) on the GDS by leveraging data stored within tramada®.

For example:

  • tramada® will send to Concur Compleat, travel policy definitions configured in the debtor. EG Accor Hotels max rate $200 for Employee Type General
  • Concur Compleat will calculate the Ticket air fare savings and will add remarks to the PNR which will update the costing in tramada® for further processing

Combined with the tramada® Offline Automation, this solution truly gives agencies quantifiable productivity gains.

  • Improve data accuracy and integrity
  • Drive automation from GDS
  • Improve ticketing performance, reduce rejects and debit memos
  • Enhance customer service leveraging data held within tramada®
  • Link to further automation benefits with tramada® Offline Automation

Concur Compleat facilitates routines (automated processes) that sit over a GDS to make checks for data, add data into a PNR and drive actions such as adding meal codes and passport information into the GDS. tramada® GDS Automation enables Concur Compleat to retrieve data from tramada®, which it then uses to either undertake quality control checks or to drive automation actions.

Configuration in tramada® enables a range of checks and actions to occur by Compleat.  Examples include:

  • the ability to include a Retention line into the PNR (so the PNR remains live beyond the last travel date for a period of time)
  • add ticket number as a structured remark in the PNR (so it can automatically be consumed by tramada® Offline Automation)
  • add Passports to a PNR
  • add seating requests
  • add meal codes
  • add private fare codes


  • add debtor specific commission level
  • check and apply contact numbers
  • apply debtor memberships
  • email notification for price changes, rejects, segments on hold
  • include a debtor’s form of payment for ticket issue by Concur Compleat
  • Destination Ticketing
  • Risk Management
  • Delayed Ticketing (Re-price)