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Tramada Enhancement Request Meetings (TERM) provide a valuable opportunity for travel agents to submit feedback and suggestions to help shape the tramada® product for the future.

  • Agency submits enhancement request via the tramada® Notice Board

  • Tramada Systems stakeholders review all enhancement requests to help develop the product roadmap

  • Travel agent enjoy the benefits of our evolving technology

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Shaping tramada®

At Tramada Systems we recognise that our customers are experts in travel with many years of experience and industry knowledge. This is why we value the feedback submitted by our customers and leverage these suggestions to help shape our product and to remain leading technology providers.

One of the key reasons for our success is the collaborative approach we take with our clients. Client requests drive our development effort to ensure that local market requirements are met in a timely way. These enhancements are built into every release to grow product functionality at no additional charge to our customers. Our core focus is to ensure that travel agency processes are streamlined, data is accurate and secure and reporting options provide clients with every piece of information they need to run successful travel businesses.

Our process of continuous improvement means that our clients are always ahead of their competitors

  • With 6-8 releases a year tramada® delivers a competitive edge with each release incorporating development items derived from our TERM process.

  • tramada® is a constantly evolving system which reflects industry changes and client demands.

  • We are leading providers of technology to the travel industry with a reputation for delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

  • tramada® is one of very few agency operating systems designed by travel agents specifically for travel agents.

TERM is the name given to the monthly meeting which is attended by key stakeholders at Tramada Systems.

During TERM, feedback and suggestions submitted by our dedicated customers are reviewed and discussed in an open forum which provides valuable insight into agency workflows and constantly evolving industry demands.

If you would like to help shape the tramada® product and remain a leader in the travel industry, we would love to hear from you. All enhancement requests can be submitted through your tramada® Notice Board.

Simply select the ‘Enhancement Request TERM’ menu option and complete the online form to submit your valued opinion.

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