NEWS: Spencer Travel renews long term partnership with Tramada Systems for five years

/NEWS: Spencer Travel renews long term partnership with Tramada Systems for five years

NEWS: Spencer Travel renews long term partnership with Tramada Systems for five years

October 2016, Sydney: Spencer Travel signed an extended contract with Tramada Systems cementing their long term partnership for another five years. Spencer Travel cites confidence in Tramada Systems maintaining its leadership position in the travel management technology market into the future.
Spencer Travel first selected tramada® as their Travel Management Solution in 2004 and has been a loyal customer ever since. During this time Tramada Systems took the bold step to develop a totally new solution which has redefined the technology space for travel agencies in Australia.

Confidence in continued technology leadership

Penny Spencer, Founder and Director of Spencer Travel says, “We did a thorough market review at the time and determined tramada® was a far superior product compared to anything else available in the market. There is no question that tramada® is the best client and financial management solution available.
“Tramada made the right decision when they undertook the significant development effort to create a new, leading edge product. We have complete confidence that Tramada will continue making advancements – no matter the challenges – that ensure we continue to thrive in a dynamic market, adapt to changes in the travel technology and remain a leader in the future.”

Building on a valuable relationship

Jo O’Brien, CEO Tramada Systems says, “Spencer Travel is one of the most respected businesses in the industry and we are proud that they have contributed to our product offering and worked with us as we developed tramada® into the leading product it is today. We are delighted that the partnership is extended until 2021 and we look forward to delivering product and services to Penny and her team that exceed their expectations well into the future.”
A factor influencing the long term of the renewal, is the transparency of the relationship that has developed between the two businesses over the years.
Penny states, “Migration of core technology is never easy but Tramada Systems was with us all the way.” Jo added, “Spencer Travel were a committed and engaged partner, they made time to prepare, they employed a great project manager and the communication between the two teams was seamless.”
Penny concluded, “Tramada Systems is always looking for what’s next. Based on their track record for innovation we look forward to seeing the new functionality, products and practices the next five years bring to the tramada® environment.”

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