To BI or not to BI?

/To BI or not to BI?

To BI or not to BI?

If Business Intelligence (BI) is the question then the answer for travel agents has to be Return on Investment (ROI).

ROI has two sometimes opposing indications; improved productivity and better customer service. Imagine being able to achieve both by using technology – the oft touted “do more with less” premise. That is exactly what BI can to for travel agents. Imagine being able to give your corporate clients “heads up” on bookings-out-of-policy or produce a full corporate review on demand.

Tramada has used our knowledge of the travel business and feedback from our clients to produce an optimized BI solution for travel agents that starts providing benefits straight out of the box. If that’s not enough, travel agents can further customize the real-time dashboards and reports to achieve their unique competitive advantage. Tramada consulting services are on hand to help with customisations.

Based on Yellowfin’s globally ranked BI platform (Gartner Magic Quadrant & BARC BI Survey) Tramada is able to offer to travel agents of any size an enterprise level cloud based BI solution at a fraction of the cost. This is because we can offer economies of scale through our partnership with Yellowfin and have done much of the leg work up front providing a standard set of reports and dashboards so travel agents can start recognizing ROI quickly.

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