Top 3 Reasons to Implement 2FA Now

/Top 3 Reasons to Implement 2FA Now

Top 3 Reasons to Implement 2FA Now

According to a recent study by cybersecurity firm Symantec, 80% of data breaches could be eliminated using two-factor authentication (2FA). The reality is that because most people have a tendency to reuse passwords over multiple sites, change them infrequently, and not use complex passwords, it makes the cyber criminal’s task easier.

However, if you add 2FA to your login process, you’re adding a strong layer of security with a relatively simple process: a verification code is sent via text, phone app or email for extra security.

Key reasons to add 2FA to your staff’s login process:

  1. Better data protection – you work with personal and private data on behalf of clients: e.g. credit cards, passports, special assistance requirements. Safeguard their data and your own business.
  2. Support your mobile workforce – while IP lockdown is a great security tool for those staff who work in your office, ensuring equal security for your mobile workforce can be achieved through 2FA. With tramada®, you can even use both!
  3. Easier to prove regulatory compliance – With OAIC and other regulatory governance requirements, having demonstrable steps in place to prevent cyber-attacks is critical.

So if you agree that 2FA will provide extra protection for your business, brand and customer data, contact us today.

Susan Enners, Country Manager Australia/New Zealand,

Tramada – your travel technology partner



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