Tramada and BookingBuilder bring another first to market

/Tramada and BookingBuilder bring another first to market

Tramada and BookingBuilder bring another first to market


14 March, 2018: tramada® travel agents using BookingBuilder Desktop™ can now find and book air and rail segments from web-based sources that supplement GDS content – quickly and securely for convenient upload into tramada.

When a tramada client searches for air options, the BookingBuilder™ module advises whether any carriers not available via GDS operate that route. The agent can then compare both GDS and web-based fares.

tramada clients using GDS Profiles module will also benefit from additional automation. If they choose a fare found by BookingBuilder, the agent can quickly complete the booking with pre-populated information from their traveller’s profile. This eliminates the need for re-typing critical information. Data for accounting and client management is also captured within the tramada technology platform, including a fully documented segment.

The result is greatly improved workflow efficiency for agents while maintaining up-to-date itineraries for travellers.

Along with many air and rail providers from around the globe, some key airlines providing content via BookingBuilder in this region are REX, Tiger, Jetstar and Air New Zealand. Such carriers have been known to provide limited fares through the GDS; the BookingBuilder-tramada integration looks to fill this gap.

An end to the web booking headache

“As more and more web content becomes available in the marketplace, booking fares directly with those organisations through their websites is tedious, adding time and complexity to agency workflows,” says Susan Enners, Country Manager Australia/New Zealand of Tramada Systems.

“This integration with BookingBuilder solves that problem by enabling tramada clients to search for and book both GDS and web fares quickly and efficiently.”

Sarana Donaldson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing of BookingBuilder Technologies, adds, “We are delighted to work with Tramada Systems to provide their clients with instant, integrated access to content from air and rail web sites and to put an end to the web booking headache.”

About BookingBuilder Technologies, Inc., dba BookingBuilder Technologies, offers a unique level of expertise and experience in developing applications that interact with global distribution systems (GDSs) and other distribution channels. Our value comes from our ability to identify needs and create seamless, user-friendly solutions. Since the late 1980s our people have been developing industry-leading applications. Our current focus is on creating applications that assist travel professionals at the point-of-sale. BookingBuilder Desktop makes it very easy to book the content not found in GDSs, and BookingBuilder Genie is a revolutionary point-of-sale quality assurance tool.

About Tramada Systems

Tramada Systems is a leader in travel technology that minimises the need for travel consultant manual interventions. By automating all client data document production and financial transactions related to travel bookings, we enable agents to do what they do best – provide superior customer service instead of spending time on data entry and other administrative tasks.

tramada®, our industry-leading CRM and Travel Financial Management solution, is designed by travel agents, for travel agents. It is used by nearly 500 travel agencies and more than 80 multi-national corporations, 100 ASX-listed companies and 60 government departments, agencies and universities.

Tramada Systems is based in Sydney, Australia and has offices in Dallas, TX USA and Auckland, New Zealand.

tramada® is the engine room powering the most successful travel businesses.

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