tramada® Onyx Integration finalist in 2017 AFTA NTIA

/tramada® Onyx Integration finalist in 2017 AFTA NTIA

tramada® Onyx Integration finalist in 2017 AFTA NTIA

Tramada Systems has been selected as a finalist for Category 37 – Best Travel Agent Technology Innovation in the AFTA National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) 2017 for their submission of tramada® Onyx Integration.

tramada® Onyx Integration provides travel agencies with a seamless integration between Onyx CentreSource and the tramada® travel management solution for travel agencies.  tramada® Onyx Integration allows seamless integration to Onyx RecoverPro that delivers clients significant increased hotel revenue, improved processes and full visibility of their hotel commission payments.

Onyx CentreSource collects and chases hotel commission on behalf of travel agencies and pays collected commission to the agency in a single monthly or weekly settlement payment.

tramada® Onyx Integration is unique in its way it captures all hotel bookings including none GDS content allowing more bookings to be processed by Onyx, and hence more revenue to be collected. The integration between Tramada and Onyx allows seamless flow of hotel booking data from tramada® to Onyx for commission recovery and from Onyx facilitating the automatic reconciliation commission data within tramada®.  No manual intervention is required.

“tramada® Onyx Integration was primarily designed to improve hotel commission earnings for travel agencies while reducing the time and cost taken to do so.  The objective was always to deliver incremental revenue to the bottom line of travel agencies. Tramada is the FIRST and ONLY travel management solution provider to offer automated integration to Onyx for hotel commission recovery and reconciliation for travel agencies in Australia and New Zealand.” says Jo O’Brien, CEO Tramada Systems.

“Tramada and Onyx undertook a joint development effort to ensure maximum benefit would be gained through the integration which has resulted in a very successful partnership.” says Mark Dubrow, CEO Onyx CenterSource.

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