Tramada Systems leapfrogs travel industry with integrated cloud-based BI solution from Yellowfin

/Tramada Systems leapfrogs travel industry with integrated cloud-based BI solution from Yellowfin

Tramada Systems leapfrogs travel industry with integrated cloud-based BI solution from Yellowfin


Australia, Wednesday 28th, 2016 Travel management technology leader, Tramada Systems, partners with Melbourne-based global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, to integrate its BI platform into the award-winning, cloud-based travel automation solution, tramada®.  Tramada Systems announced today general availability of the integrated solution for tramada® Standard and tramada® Premier clients.

Mining travel management data

The tramada® solution, developed by the Sydney-based travel technology company, holds every piece of information a travel agent has about its travellers, as well as information relating to the end-customer organisations using those travel agencies to manage their business travel.  Using Yellowfin’s BI platform, Tramada was able to quickly and affordably deliver a new BI module, in a SaaS multi-tenant environment, empowering travel agencies to quickly visualize and act on that information.

All Tramada Systems clients can access a new comprehensive set of standard reports included with the core tramada® product.  Tramada clients wanting to create custom reports and dashboards can do so via Tramada’s new BI module, tramada® connect BI, which is also powered by Yellowfin.

Better customer experience differentiater for travel agents

Yellowfin’s integrated BI platform delivers data-based insights to Tramada’s travel agent clients, as well as the end-customers of corporate travel agencies, resulting in significant time savings, increased data integrity and improved client relations.  Ultimately, Tramada’s clients are able to use analytics to provide a better customer experience for less cost than their competitors.

These benefits also provide Tramada a clear point of competitive differentiation in the crowded travel automation industry, with thousands of companies now accessing tramada® connect BI reports.

“Immediate access to real-time business information creates a point of differentiation – just what the travel industry has been looking for,” said Tramada Systems CEO, Jo O’Brien.  “With Yellowfin, we now offer something quite unique for travel agencies with real-time interaction and insights into operational travel management data.”

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  • Tramada Systems announces general availability of of the new embedded standard reports and tramada® Connect BI for tramada® Standard and tramada® Premier clients.
  • Tramada Systems also announces the availability of tramada® Debtor Viewer for tramada® Premier clients.  tramada® Debtor Viewer is a new module of tramada® connect BI which extends online connectivity to an agent’s customers providing access to personalized reports on demand.
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