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Tramada University Launched

Tramada University delivers a comprehensive self-paced eLearning program designed to capture the enthusiasm of travel consultants and boost their motivation, engagement and performance.  It is fun and simple to use ensuring all levels of competency and various skill sets of learners are accommodated.

Leading user experience methodology delivering better outcomes in one quarter of the time

Tramada University is a series of remarkable digital experiences created using smart, learner-centric design and technology in partnership with Savv-e the award winning digital learning agency.

Tramada University makes a difference to the lives of learners and organisations by improving learner competency while dramatically reducing the time to physically complete the training from an average of 20 hours to an expected average of 5 hours.  This means one quarter of the time to enable employees to be productive.  This is achievable due to the latest user experience methodology that reflects how, why, where and when people use tramada®, delivering and reinforcing key learnings much more efficiently.

Improved employee engagement and satisfaction

Employees are in control of and responsible for their own learning journey which increases engagement and job satisfaction.  Modules are interactive, self-paced, can be taken anywhere at any time, repeated and paused.  Learners can track their own performance while management can gain insights as to how users are interacting with new courses through the administration interface. This may include: how long learners spent on a learning activity, how long it took them to complete the assessment, how many assessment attempts were made and which questions in particular were answered correctly or incorrectly.

Tramada University replaces the existing training courses and will be available exclusively to tramada® subscribers from April 2017. The courses are as follows:

tramada® 101

The tramada® 101 eLearning course contains our six (6) mandatory modules required to become a Tramada Accredited Associate (TAA). The revolutionary course covers everything required to empower a consultant to be a successful user of tramada®. The content is presented in a highly interactive format for maximum learning engagement and retention of knowledge.

tramada® 102

The tramada® 102 eLearning course embeds all the interactivity and engagement from the 101 modules but goes through extra functionality in eight (8) modules to enable finance and manager users to be successful in the learning of tramada®.  Completion of tramada® 102 takes accreditation to Tramada Accredited Professional (TAP) level.

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