Turning pain of change into productivity gains

/Turning pain of change into productivity gains

Turning pain of change into productivity gains

Turning pain of change into productivity gains

Introducing a new software system into a business can bring with it many changes, and some with significant costs attached – as recently demonstrated when Queensland’s Department of Health announced a AU$30 million change management expenditure on top of its implementation costs for new enterprise software.

Change management is overlooked by organisations at their peril not only because of cost blow-outs but because change is a journey, and when planned well, the introduction, implementation and ongoing improvements to a new way of working can drive phenomenal results: reduced costs, increased productivity and profitability, happier employees, and improved customer service.

That’s why Tramada takes change management very seriously.

When dealing with an agency that’s new to the tramada® travel data management system, our experienced project managers are involved every step of the way – from the design and demonstration of the solution to meet the client’s unique needs, through to  implementation, training, consultant adoption, and ongoing fine-tuning.

This approach entirely de-risks the change process and ensures that our clients enjoy the maximum return on their investment. With over 400 successful installations to date across two continents, it’s fair to say we know what we are doing.

Change doesn’t stop

Disruption is a regular feature of the travel industry, so it’s commonplace for new travel tools and technologies to be adopted by a TMC along with the pain of change they bring.

And we can help with these also.

Because tramada is an agnostic solution that incorporates content from multiple sources, its seamless integrations with best-of-breed, third-party applications result in productivity gains not pain of change, enabling consultants to focus on the customer, not the technology.

A great example of this is the latest change facing travel professionals, New Distribution Capability (NDC).

Again, tramada-powered agencies are at the forefront of adoption that’s made easy because non-GDS content blends into the tramada environment using existing data structures, integrations, and workflows. In short, we’ve taken care of the change management not just the technology, so that NDC quickly becomes better business as usual.

Managing how your agency adapts to change such as NDC is one example of how Tramada helps agencies to stay ahead of change. Just as we’ve incorporated NDC capability in the “plumbing” of the tramada platform, we are well positioned to introduce other new technologies and solutions as a result of our agile development process. This involves the release of a new version of tramada software every 6-8 weeks to introduce new integrations, enhancements and functionality. The iterative process is matched by an industry-leading support centre and training interventions such as new release webinars to deep dive into the major features of each release.

As change champions, we also provide agencies with a wide range of tools designed to help you and your team embrace change every day, not just when new versions of the software are released. These tools include up-to-date online help pages, an onscreen guidance tool called Workflow Assist, a Knowledge Base with more than 800 regularly updated articles and how-to guides, regular support tips, guided video tours, and a truly extensive library of on-demand training webinars – all at the user’s fingertips.

Change is indeed constant, and Tramada meets it head-on with the industry’s best performance support tools.

Strength, intelligence and adaptability

As Charles Darwin famously observed, “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change.”

If that was true in the 1800s, how much more relevant is it in today’s whirlwind world of ever-increasing technological change!

The tramada solution provides users with many strengths such as PCI DSS-compliant security and seamless integrations with must-have third-party products – plus intelligence with its integrated Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualisation for travel agents.

But Charles would especially like tramada’s flexibility:

  • Agile development that regularly brings new features and functionality to its users
  • Cloud-based design that allows users to securely log in anytime, and from anywhere
  • Performance support that helps every user rapidly respond, adapt, improve and become the master of change.
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