Use data to power your success

/Use data to power your success

Use data to power your success

Use data to power your success

If you’re following the SailGP series like our CFO, you’ll know about a recent incident where one of these high-tech boats took a nosedive at high speed, snapping its winged sail in two. It happened so fast that its crew didn’t know what had gone wrong, and it was only after drilling down through the boat’s detailed performance data that they discovered exactly what occurred and why, thereby reducing the risk of it happening again.

In the new world of sports sailing, data analysis equates to a genuine competitive advantage.

Your travel agency may or may not be navigating a fine line between superior performance and troubled waters, but this is where connect BI – Tramada’s business intelligence tool – can help your business avoid a nosedive of its own.

It allows you to analyse data and customise reports, at your leisure and without having to be a technical user, in order to identify risks such as unauthorised leakage, lagging consultant productivity, and falling short of meeting supplier targets  – any of which can result in lost business.

Without connect BI, you may never know why a nosedive happened. But with it, your business can maximise performance, avoid danger, and out-pace the competition.

Speak to Tramada today about how business insights achieved with connect BI could help your business achieve superior performance.