Why Now? Tramada is User-Friendly

/Why Now? Tramada is User-Friendly

Why Now? Tramada is User-Friendly

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The current slowdown in travel bookings due to the coronavirus pandemic has lead many agencies to review their technology stack in order to both modernize it and accommodate staff working from home.

Now more than ever, the importance of cloud-based platforms and embedded self-learning tools are key to ensuring staff proficiency and business continuity when selecting a new post-booking platform.

Additionally, expertise in legacy systems is a dying skillset, and training new recruits on a blue DOS-looking interface is an unappealing option.

With tramada®’s point and click agent interface and Workflow Assist feature, these challenges are eliminated, improving satisfaction and retention of employees and leaving agents to focus on what really matters.

The easy-to-use technology means you spend less time onboarding new employees and your existing team has access to more intuitive tools. Less time spent thinking about how to use the technology; more time spent thinking about what really matters. 

Let’s have a conversation about how tramada can make your business more user-friendly in the current technology landscape. Contact Sales@tramada.com today.

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