Tramada Support Centre

The tramada® suite of products are web-based, intuitive, easy to use and come with built-in help functions. But we also understand that each Agency’s needs are unique, so we back up our services with expert guidance and support.

The staff at the Tramada Support Centre are tramada experts and have undertaken extensive training. The team includes 2nd level support experts to ensure a quick turnaround for all of your support queries.

Support is provided by phone and on-line logging.

360° tramada connect support

360° tramada connect support is our real-time two way logging support system. Clients log their own support requests through our on-line portal, receiving full visibility of the support query as it travels through the system in real-time. You can interact with Tramada throughout the process, providing more information or comments as the issue progresses, leading to more efficient settlement of the issue. As you log the issue, the Knowledge Base is automatically searched presenting relevant Q&A on screen that may resolve the issue at that that point. Even better!

For the first month the team will monitor your calls and work through questions on the phone. All Support staff have a travel background – they know your workflow. At one month after cutover, Support will conduct a formal check of your system and usage to ensure you’re off to a flying start.

tramada Workflow Assist

tramada Workflow Assist delivers  comprehensive step-by-step guidance from within the tramada system through pop-up balloons, notification bars and call to action buttons without requiring the user to leave the screen.

Online “walk-throughs” offer on-the-job assistance for  key workflows within tramada.  These “walk-throughs” guide consultants through workflows that are undertaken infrequently as well as educate consultants who are new to the system.

Online Help & Knowledge Base

All our customers have access to our online help pages and our extensive Knowledge Base. From within tramada there is page related help which provides results in a similar way to internet search engines. Our extensive document library features Product Reference guides, Version Release notes and self-paced online training modules.

The Knowledge Base consists of over 500 FAQs which are efficiently parsed using topic labels to rapidly find the answers to our clients’ questions. The Knowledge Base is a living library of Q&A that is constantly being updated through our Support Centre activity.