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tramada® Broker

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tramada Broker is a product designed to power the unique operations of a broker type travel management business.

With tramada Broker, businesses are able to leverage the strength of their broker network by providing the tools that allow the individual travel brokers to run their day-to-day activities, without losing sight of the core operational requirements at a Head Office level.

Corporate Travel Management Software

tramada is cloud-based, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime without the need for expensive hardware or software upgrades.

Head Office Features

  • Setup configurable commission release rules to ensure brokers follow correct booking processes
  • Produce reporting to streamline broker commission payments
  • Online eLearning training to easily train brokers on how to use the system
  • Customise the system to manage financial transaction to either centralise or empower brokers to manage individually
  • Produce consolidated supplier reporting to maximise preferred content
  • Embedded tools to allow you to manage broker support with full issue tracking, allowing brokers to log queries directly to your support team

Broker Features

  • Manage both leisure and corporate client types
  • Detailed tracking tools to track and predict monthly commission earnings
  • Produce Corporate Reporting for clients
  • Enhanced features enabling multiple users per broker to add new team members
  • Setup broker specific logos to customise itinerary documentation

Travel Brokers

The system allows individual brokers to have a partitioned access to the system, which will allow them to use all of the functionality of a large TMC and trust that their bookings are only visible to the individual. This product will give them access to store client profiles and manage client bookings, as well as pull industry leading reporting for both their needs and the needs of their clients.

You may even elect to take advantage of Tramada’s integrated case management to provide a seamless escalation point into Tramada support for your head office support function.