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tramada® connect BI

Make intelligent, fact-based decisions

Explain the past, predict the future and improve business performance with tramada connect BI.

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Leverage tramada connect BI to easily cater for custom reporting requirements, build interactive dashboards and utilise data visualisations to enhance your business reporting and empower informed and focused business decisions.

tramada is cloud-based, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime without the need for expensive hardware or software upgrades.

Brilliant Data Discovery

Personalised and interactive dashboards improve business performance at all levels and deeper insight is just a click away. Access data in real time, schedule reports to capitalise on automation and leverage storyboards to collaborate with customers. As your business grows and your requirements change tramada connect BI will scale and grow with your business.

Enhanced customer experience

Proven solution without the cost and complexity of other business intelligence implementations.

  • Deliver savings – fees and suppliers
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Improve travel policy compliance
  • Reduce unauthorised ‘leakage’
  • Improve risk management and duty of care
  • Excellent service delivery focus
  • Data – anywhere, anytime

As an agency, it is important to ensure that you can adapt quickly to the myriad of reporting changes and requests that come from your customers.

With tramada connect BI, you can easily build custom reports without having to be a technical user.

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Tramada Systems is proud to partner with Yellowfin to bring our clients state of the art SaaS intregated Business Intelligence solution for travel agencies, tramada® Connect BI. For more information on our partnership or to download Yellowfin Case Study CLICK HERE.