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tramada® connect CRM

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Capturing a 360° view of your customer engagements and providing complete visibility of customer travel activities and behaviours.

  • Add enhanced information to your customer profiles

  • Enhance customer engagements by leveraging travel data

  • Connect with your customer with 360° view of your customers

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Smarter Customer Management

At Tramada Systems we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to make smarter business decisions. By forming an integration with leading-edge customer relationship management system – Sage CRM. Sage CRM offers a simple solution for Australian and New Zealand travel agencies to manage all facets of their customer engagement.

tramada Connect CRM allows travel agencies to utilise core CRM functionality to incorporate seamless bi-directional transfer of customer data to create marketing campaigns, manage the sales pipeline and customer relations. Designed to arm travel agents with powerful insight into their business, tramada Connect CRM is a simple and customisable tool which makes decision making easy.

Simple Decision-Making

  • Leverage comprehensive customer data within tramada to design and maintain successful marketing campaigns.
  • Manage complex business requirements in a simple and customisable online platform.
  • Complete transparency enables travel agents to implement effective business processes to manage their sales and transactions.

Tramada has partnered with Envisage Business Solutions as our implementation partner for tramada Connect CRM. Our bundled solution leverages the strength of Sage CRM and allows us to take the pain and complexity out of implementing a CRM solution. With a successful record of over 10 years experience implementing Sage CRM, Envisage Business Solutions delivers best practices in all areas of a CRM implementation and how it will empower your business.

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