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tramada® Premier

The engine room powering the majority of independent TMC’s in the region

tramada Premier is easy to learn and use, yet extremely sophisticated in its functionality.

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Corporate Travel Management Software

tramada is cloud-based, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime without the need for expensive hardware or software upgrades.

  • Operational efficiencies – such as multiple pnr’s per booking from multiple sources, and multiple passengers per booking
  • Logical business flows and functionality which dramatically increase consultant productivity
  • Automation of offline and online consultant workflows increasing efficiency and quality control
  • Minimal requirement for training – accelerated by the use of a visual Business Process tool
  • Additional service offerings to clients such as document expiry notifications, flexibility surrounding document production and pricing display
  • An interactive real-time reporting suite available online for corporate clients
  • Dynamically cascading multiple levels of debtor/department/cost centre

Reporting is in our DNA and our sophisticated Business Intelligence encompasses:

  • An ad-hoc report builder
  • Debtor facing dashboards customisable by debtor
  • A standard suite of reports enabling you to demonstrate the value you bring to the client relationship
  • Data extracts to third party providers
  • Custom reports at additional cost
  • Report scheduling

Most importantly, financials you can trust:

  • Map the GL codes to the accounting system of your choice
  • Credit control facility
  • Automated fees and markups by debtor or segment type, by percentage or dollar amount
  • Statistical fee tracking
  • Bulk payment facilities
  • Automated periodic statement reconciliation with BSP and Air Tickets

And, agency reporting which includes:

  • The ability to monitor profitability and manage yield with business critical revenue and creditor reporting
  • Sales Analysis reporting across a range of categories
  • A CRM report which interrogates both profile and spend data to hand off to your choice of sales contact system
  • Client service reports such as document expiry, VIP, client departure/arrival
  • Creditor analysis to track and analyse flown revenue, proration, overrides, pay direct commission tracking and reconciliation

Payment Card Data Security

The PCI Security Standards Council offers robust and comprehensive standards to enhance payment card data security. Using this framework of specifications, tools, measurement and support resources enables Tramada to offer a fully PCI DSS compliant environment.

tramada Payment Gateway

tramada Payment Gateway is a fully integrated payment gateway for processing credit card not present online payments seamlessly from within the tramada environment. Online credit card payments are authorised and completed in real-time. Invoices and receipts, are automatically generated as part of the transaction.